In The Name Of
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2001-11-11 20:02:52 (UTC)

Party too much

I think I need to go back to being a nerd. I've been
partying way to much this weekend. I never did finish my
storybook reading, and I still have to at least type the
ones that I did do. I'm so excited about going to Southern
Illinois in less than two months, but I need to take care
of my last few obligations before I go. I did pass Philo,
and I think I got a B, so that was pretty good. I'm not
even sure I could have gotten an A even if I really tried.
I don't think anyone else did. That's got to be the most
bull shit subject I've ever been asked to study. I'm still
undecided as to whether or not I want to take the
Humanities class that's offered in the next 6 weeks. I can
probably use it, but it goes all the way up through the
21st of Dec, and that would give me about 2 weeks before I
have to go to SIUE.

Friday was a pretty fun night. We went to a party at UVR's
house. IT was weird though. I was going to give Maryanne
the cold shoulder, but she gave it to me, so I wanted to
talkto her even more, and that plan was busted. Morgan
from my class came, but didn't really like the type of
music. Her friend was really cool, and decent looking too,
so maybe something will come from that. Melissa, my old
roomate, was there too, but I don't know if she ever came

Last night I kicked it with Mandy. We went to a couple
parties, then went home.

I need to get into the books, and study a little more for
class Tuesday.