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2001-11-11 16:55:25 (UTC)

What was Saturday night - rainy day

Some rainny days and nights. Saturday was raining as today
Sunday. Good days to cry in disguise. No people will notice
if you are crying or it is raining.
Friday night and Saturday night I saw my friend Marcela at
public transportation stop in my home town. She is
beautifull as you can't realize. If you see some tropical
actress of latin movies, know she is best. Green eyes, dark
brown long hair and all. But the best party of her is that
she likes me a friend. She knows me even her lost hope
brother lied about me. He is an addicted.
My friend Mel had one day of peace when she went to a
dance bar. Some tough peoples wouldn't go there with her.
Local bandits gone anyway.
Saturday night when I met friend Marcela. I told her that
we only could make same thing twice days in sequel. Friday
and Saturday was the days we met each other in streets.
She try to understand what I said. I said also depends on
her to see more times. She didn't like to hear that. She
was with sad memories about an old boyfriend that tried to
abuse her trust. Yes women abused passes some months
thinking every people wants to get them to hurt her feelings
as older boyfriends tried.
I will help her because she is my friend. Before I know
Mel and Carol this year I've known her.