*blank stare*
2001-11-11 19:36:19 (UTC)

I Sit Around & Watch the Phone, But No One's Calling...

Bored. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO motherfucking bored. The
house is clean, I don't work, it's cold out, and the only
people I've talked to all day are Maria and Steph and they
can't think of anything to do either. I really hope Florida
isn't this fucking dull, although I doubt if I decide to
drive to Orlando that it will be as lifeless as
As far as all the shit I wrote last night goes (and that
wasnt even the half of it; I had written it all out before
but accidentally deleted it somehow), I guess it was a
temporary (till it comes back, at least) lack of sanity,
cause today I feel fine. Woke up around 8, cleaned,
showered, etc etc. I'm fine today. Just bored.
I do, however, have some homicidal urges, but only
against one person and for a damned good reason. Josh did
end up going to Concord and seeing Tiff. Seeing wasn't all
he did- he also smacked her around a little. If I EVER see
that fucker, he's getting his kneecaps smashed into little
bits. NO ONE fucks with my friends and family like that, NO
ONE. Josh's roomate, Tony, got pictures, however, and then
jumped in to help... after Tiff broke Josh's nose. I hope
it felt good, too.
Tiff said she's getting a restraining order put on him
first thing tomorrow morning, and Tony's going to show the
pictures to their captian on base so Josh might not be able
to get leave anymore. I just dont like to think about what
might happen when he is discharged, but Tiff and I will be
safely in Florida by then. This just gives us one more
reason to go.
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