2001-11-11 19:34:47 (UTC)

Open Diary crashes Once again!

Dear Diary:
First, Open diary has crashed once again. I can not save an entry over there.

That site has more difficulties than the man on the moon.

I received a nice e-greeting card from Honey-Bear.
He tells me not to worry but he does not realize
that it will do no good to tell me that.
Perhaps he needs to try reverse psychology on me.
Not that it will work on me.

We went to Mass and bought our tickets to the Messiah Concert and Bishop's Buffet and Reception
on December 2.

It is getting cold here in Chicago. We had to stop by 7-11 and get a cup of Hot chocolate.

I am feeling ok, but tired in away.
I have a busy week this week. On Friday, I will
post entrys from Honey Bears home.

We have a joint journal-diary over here at now. I set it.
You will see the name: Honey-Bear and AmericanIrish Rose. Ninety Miles Apart from each other.

Next weekend, you will meet Honey-Bear and remember to wish him a Happy 41st Birthday.

Love, AmericanIrishRose
Karissa Anne