Random Ramblings Of A Teenager
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2001-11-11 19:29:05 (UTC)

Annoyed @ Everyone

Well, hear I go again at my rantings at everything and
everyone. Please be prepared for sudden changes of topic.

This Friday I did a rare thing and agreed to go ice
skating with some of my friends. Now don't get me wrong I'm
not some antisocial girl or something it's just that I have
my school friends and I have my out of school friends. Well
anyways, I went with one of my school friends and she was
late so I ending up hanging with some different school
friends. Okay, this is probabely getting confussing so I'll
just tell you their names. Well, angela, chyrle, and jenny
were flirting with these guys from the town right next to
ours and it was so boring. Finally, Ann shows up with some
lame excuse, but at least I wouldn't fall asleep from
pointless conversation anymore. Than, the boy I really like
Kyle was there and I don't know what to think. If a boy
tries to kill you by coming up behind you and pushing you
down on the ice, does that means he likes you??

My mom is being such a bitch. She keeps saying how I'm
ungrately for everything she does for me but it's like you
spend all your time with your bf and you barely say hi to
me let alone listen to my needs or wants. I don't think
that's going out of your way.

In Band on Friday I found out I made symphonic so I was
really happy. Because all week I was totally stressed out
on whether or not I did good in audictions. But one major
setback is that Erin(She plays saxophone with me and since
6th grade we've been stand parterns) didn't make it so my
new stand partern is Jason(Erin/my crush) and she wants me
to put in a good word for her. But she doesn't know that I
kinda like him too, so it's like all confusing.

God all you need is for me to have a stalker/killer after me
and my life would be a soap ophra. Well, if you've made it
this far in reading this and not thinking that I complane
too much I give you a slap on the back. Haste pronto


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