lil girl

my eyes
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2001-11-11 18:50:40 (UTC)

Phone number...

So, now its on my shoulders to call him.
So blind I was to the position we put guys in, till now, as
I am in it!

Hmmm.... Sunday nite or Monday nite?
And if he's not there?

Whatever. Its not so serious.
Just do it whenever I have the time, play it by ear.

No point in worrying.

My mom didn't get a pass this weekend. I thought she was
getting stable. Its cruel.

I understand why she deceives us so, but I'd really rather
see whats really going on. If she's sick, she's sick. No
one is to blame.

I shall return now, to my regular, pessimistic perspective.
In this situation, optimism has only set me up for pain,
again and again.