my mind is overflowing with crap!
2001-11-11 18:49:11 (UTC)


Today i have way too much homework! I procastinate sooooo
much. I lef my entire manuscript until today, when it is
due tomorrow..good job me!
I also have to write a sonnet, and i have to catch up on
two days of finite homework. So my whole day will be
dedicated to doing homework.
Today I'm feeling better than yesterday. I'm some what
happier. I woke up and went to church with my family. I
spent the whole worship part of the service staring at Eric
trying to get his attention so he would come sit with me.
That way we could write notes and see what each other had
been up to this week...but no such luck. I could have
sworn two times he was starring back at me..but he said he
never saw me. I was getting so frusterated with the man in
the next ailse because i had to lean forward to see Eric
and he kept leaning forward and then backward the same time
as me....Oh i was getting so angry i wanted to go over and
push the man into his seat and say "SIT DOWN AND STAY
for pete's sake could he have swayed back and forth some
Then when i got home my Mom was asking me if Eric still had
his girlfriend..and i said yes yes he does. and then she
asked if BJ still had his girlfriend. I said i dont know
mom i dont talk to she says that he kept looking at
you the whole service...That's nice mom, but quit trying to
set me up!!!!!!This is like the 4th guy she has tryed to
get my to like already.
If I mention a guys name from school..she'll say I still
really like Jimmy or Kyle or Mirsad....she'll then ask why
i dont get back togather with one of those guys ..because
my old boyfriends were just so sweet and nice...She drives
me just crazy!