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2001-11-11 18:47:08 (UTC)

Black Sunday

My head hurts like hell, thats weird cuz I didnt drink much
last night..... And yes I had fun, for the first time on a
long time I could relax and enjoy myself.
And strange things did happend at the music club, I was
dancing with a lot of diffrent boys, then I started to
dance the stage, the stage has two more stages, but they`re
small, one each side of the big stage, I went up there to
dance and the boys down at the flor adored me like a
goddness I felt so great!!!!!!
I got to know a new boy yesterday, I hate my self for that,
hes name is Matt and he buy`d me roses aftherwards!!
That felt strange, I alway wanted a boy to by me flowers
but now when he did I got angry... at mye self.
I guess its cuz I dont want to get in any more truble tham
Im allready in, I dont want to fall deeply in love with
anyone now. I cant, Im to worn-out shcool is killing me, I
started my wicca project today, I`ve been working all day
loong, my eyes and head hurts, its going better than I
tough i the beginning, but this week is getting as hard as
the last one.
My father didnt mention the episone yesterday, so I didnt
Now all I wanna do is to go to bed its only 19.40 but I was
eary up ang got home at 04.30!!! I need my sleep cuz Im
gonna baby sit tomorrow.
The singles Id buy was great, I ve been lisneing to them
all day long.
But now Im having dinner, afther that Im off to bed, I dont
know if I wanna sleep cuz Im tierd or so I can run away.
Tonight I had a dream about Chris, that was nice.

Goodnight people!!

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