Ela's Journal
2001-11-11 18:38:28 (UTC)


Well alot's happen. I am now grounded. How can someone my
age be grounded, that's for lil' kidz. Well not any more.
Well i found out LCC likes me , but is to afriad to ask me
out , a typical guy. should I ask him out? Ughhh i wish i
knew what to do. I got grounded cuz Cooter, SL and me met
up with Holt boy ( cooter's b/f) and Lcc . so we all walked
over to SL's apt. and then to the park and we played tag
which isn't just for kidz anymore. well gtg the cinnimon
roll's are burning. -Luv Alwayz-
P.S. Damn, we can actully swear in these things!!!!!