Lost Slut
2001-11-11 18:01:11 (UTC)


i got lucky mistress allowed me to god
the point at which i was finnaly let to cum..i begged
her..i would have done anything..she asked me to tell her
what it was i would do..oh my god..i'm changing ... before
my bdsm ideas were limited to maybe just a few perv offered to dress as a fem slut..offered to
be sexualy dom'ed by a real be public oraly do a group of men...oh my goodness i
want to cum...please let me cum..finnaly she allowed me to
cum if i took toothpaste and put it on my cock as i jacked
off...well let me tell everyone there...if they don't
know..toothpaste is like liquid heat..the more you tryed to
cum the more you had to pump the toothpaste..the hotter it the time i was allowed to cum..i would have done
ANYTHING!!! i have been transfer into a common slut..only
my mistress's happyness counts...later

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