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2001-11-11 17:38:50 (UTC)

too busy

yesterday, i made a mistake, which i was not likely to
make: i took the jordon-minibus wrongly when i was too
hurried to get to eeec. when i arrived, it's already 30
minutes late... the result is, i need to spend 1 more hour
next week as a compensation. well, it's ok as a kind
of 'doorface' work.

today, another weird thing happened. thomas asked me to
teach those 4 night sch. students and only pay me $100 per
hour. only $100! students pay them $2400 in total and
fanny agreed that we would 50/50, $400 less... even worse,
thomas said that he's already given me 'benefit' on the
payment. i really thank him for that.

yes, in working place, no friendship. i've known that so
well, and today, i experienced it.