2001-11-11 17:37:11 (UTC)

Grape Picking

I can never pick and juice grapes without thinking of that
great I Love Lucy episode where's she's dressed as
an Italian peasant woman, stomping on grapes. I can't
remember any other part of that epidode but thinking of that
scene always makes me smile.

John and I spent the afternoon picking and juicing both
green and purple grapes and made one gallon of juice of
each. It was a great day for it. We did it outside on the
picnic table on the deck. We had raked and begun burning
some leaves earlier so we kept an eye on that as we picked
and juiced the grapes. A delightful afternoon.

We had a fire in the fireplace again and kept it overnight.
The cats are happy to be inside cats now and will even
search us out for cuddles. Very different from the summer