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2001-11-11 17:34:05 (UTC)

the beginning

this is new to me, so excuse me if i am not good at this. I
am ana's angel. I have been under her wing for 4 years,
since i was 10. There now we're acquainted.
People say it gets easier, life gets easier, maybe so, if
you have a life. This is great to me since there is no such
thing as privacy in my house! My mother always tell me i am
ruining my life, like she expects me to be something great
without ana, did i mention something FAT? since there are
about 20000000 therapists trying to help me, i might as
well pretend that it works, and like that song "put on a
happy face". I miss the hospital, i miss the skinnyness and
i miss the sunken cheeks and stomach. i can't concentrate
on hmwk because ana is the only thing i care about,
sometimes it's my best friend other times i want out, like
now, i want out, but i know what it takes to get there and
i know that i won't and can't do that. I know i am lame but
it'll get better, bye for now

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