What Would YOU Do With a Drunken Sailor?
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2001-11-11 17:29:27 (UTC)

People I Never Want to See/ Talk to/ Hear About Ever Again, Part I

*Note: Ahem. Reposted because I accidentally erased it ~blush~*

1. Sharon Riggins. I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE her. Last
year, during PE class:
Miss Russell: Come here, girls! Get off the field now! I
want to talk to you!
Sharon: *runs up RIGHT behind her, about two inches away.
I'm not exaggerating. Stands really straight, with her
hands behind her back*
Miss Russell: *takes a half-step back and bumps into
Sharon* Oh, I'm sorry, Sharon, I didn't see you there.
(Well, DUH.)
Sharon: That's okay, Miss Russell. Hehehehehehehehehehe!

I can't stand the way she laughs. It's really high-pitched
and little-girlish. And she giggles a LOT. I'll be
like 'Sharon, get the hell away from me.'
Sharon: Watch your language. Smart people can find
alternatives for
swear words.
Me *through clenched teeth*: Sharon, get the FUCK away from
Sharon: Okay! Hehehehehehehehehehehehehe! *skips away*
((Yes, I did say skips))
And she's CHRISTIAN. I've nothing against Christians, but
she shoves it down my throat like no one else.

Sharon: You're agnostic? Jesus is real. It says so in the
Me: *smiles* You know, Sharon, the Bible is probably just
the byproduct of some guy getting drunk and having
(Normally I don't diss religion, but she brought it up)
Sharon: Nuh-uh! Go ask Miss Russell! (Like
just because she's Christian too means she's fricking omniscient.)
Me: You know, I'll pass on that. I believe my thing, you
believe yours.
Sharon: Okay, but you'll burn in Hell for eternity after
you die.
Me: Good, I'll see you there.

I could go on ad infinitum, but I'll stop here.