2001-11-11 17:25:25 (UTC)

Back Again

I had problems with my computer, but thanks to my resident
computer geniuses, I'm back!

I've continued my spending spree a bit as my favorite
primitive quilt designers have come out with new books and
patterns. I've ordered three patterns from Pat Sloan, a book
and a pattern from Jan Patek, a book from Blackbird Designs,
a couple of books from Kindred Spirits as well as others.
I'll be getting packages in the mail for the next two weeks!
Well, it is the one way I know of getting the gifts I want
and it's not only Christmas next month, it's also my
birthday and wedding anniversary too.

I'm planning to go to Corvallis on Tuesday and buy more
fabrics to make more jumpers and perhaps a nightgown or two.
I'll also go pick up the reserve books I have waiting for me
at the library. Right now, Butcher's Hill is the only book
John and I haven't read so we've been "sharing" it. We NEED
more books!