Mind Unleashed
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2001-11-11 17:04:19 (UTC)

Nothing New

Since the last time I made an entry,nothing new has
happened.I'm still having the weirdest dreams though.Meg's
been calling me more often and she got a new job at Red
Lobsters.I've been applying to a couple of places but
nothing.School's over and I don't have to go back till
Tuesday.I'mprety sure that I passed all my classes.I'm
trying to study hard for my GED test that's coming up in
just 3 weeks but I can't find my concentration.I've also
decided that I'll probably go to Harold Washington College
instead of Truman-maybe it'll be beter.I've also decided
that during my summer in NY,I'll try to take some college
classes at Hunter or another good colllege and see if
they'll transfer back to my home college or something-I
just wanna stay home for those 3 months.I can't wait-I just
hope that it actually happens.My cousin's probably gonna
move back home so I don't know where I'm gonna sleep-
definetely not with my aunt.I'm also starting to wonder
which clubs I'll join while I'm in college.I know that I
want it to have something to do with helping the
community.I also wanna be in something that supports my
Hispanic heritage.Gotta go -got things to do.