Random Notes By A Nameless Nobod
2000-11-14 02:56:28 (UTC)

November 13, 2000 Monday..

November 13, 2000
Monday (still)
9:36 pm Yadda...Yadda...Yadda...

Well, I had a really great day. As I am sure I have mentioned
before, I didn't go to school today because I had to got to the DMV
to renew my lisence...again. Well, it was fun...well, not exactly
fun, but it was better than sleeping in class. Actually, I rather
enjoy the sleeping. Anyway, I bought my Christmas present for Ben
today. It is a sterling silver ring, it was only $20.00 but at least
it won't turn his finger green. It is nice too. I like it, I hope
he does, if he doesn't at least I tried. While we were in Clarksburg
I didn't buy Heather and Jamie's gifts because I am getting them the
same thing and Jamie was there. So obviously I will have to wait
awhile for them. It is off to school again tomorrow...yeah for me!.
If it wasn't for all the sleep I get when I am at school, I may not
even go...just kidding...or am I? Well, tomorrow I will have to dive
back into Geometry, the only class I don't like this year. I love
Spanish, although I didn't think I would. I love the way it sounds,
and the fact that I can make those sounds. Me llamo Dionisia. That
means my name is Dionisia. Well, it is my Spanish name anyways, I
liked the way it sounds, so I chose it. It has nothing to do with my
real name, Amanda, but I like it just the same. Jamie and I didn't
really talk a lot today. Even though we were together most of the
time. She has being acting really weird lately. The whole thing is
I haven't been talking to her very much, because I have been talking
to Heather more lately. I don't see what the problem is, I don't get
ticked off when she ignores me when she is around Kirk. I am allowed
to have other friends. I refuse to fight with her at all this year.
I think that simple fact infuriates her. I am usually the one who
rants and raves while she sits on the side and acts like she isn't
mad, and while I am making a fool of myself, she just acts like I
have no clue what I am talking about. Well, this time it is the
exact opposite. It took me awhile, but I am not going to waste me
energy being mad anymore. It is a total waste of my precious
freaking time. Most things are you know.

For Your Information:
Reading- "Insomnia" by Stephen King
Watching- Nothing
Listening- Wheatus "Teenage Dirtbag
Quote of the Day: "Smile, for if you don't you will be frowning"
This is stupid but true, just think about it.