* i m o n l y p e r f e c t w h e n
2001-11-11 16:53:46 (UTC)

Sunday Morn....

its like almost 12 pm rite now. since i dont like live
journal, im usin this one. today is 1 month. kaite and
kayla called me today. it kind of woke me up. im usually
not up this early. my aunt scored me this awsome misfits
swet-band and a blue hoop size 12. im still wearin the same
cloths i had on friday. a misfits tshirt over another
misfits shirt, not a tshirt, brown dickies, blue and pink
plad socks and for shoes i was wearin black/red chucks. im
currently listenin to the new misfits cd, Crypt Cuts 1996-
2001. :-). i plan on watchin Full Metal Jacket today. i
like this movie. well its time for me to eat my lunch now.
so ill post more shit later.