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2001-11-11 16:48:38 (UTC)

rabid monkeys with cherry blossom headaches

multi-thinking at it's greatest on my part.

got another x/1999 manga yesterday - i think it's called
intermezzo. i attempted to convince my dad that the actual
manga wasn't as bad as the cover ((i inadvertantly lied

x is a rather interesting series - lots of well drawn
characters, competition amongst "clans" (so to speak), and
spiffy 'woosh' effects.
i'm easily amused - sue me.

dad's gonna get rid of jorsm ... eventually. sooner or
later (i'm hoping for the latter). i know there's free
internet access out there, but that pretty much cuts off
any d/l plans i have for home. wally's class is only every
other day and not even weekends. sure its fast d/l and (as
long as the computer is going fast) it goes at like 30k but
it still cuts out a large chunk of d/l time.

speaking of computer classes .. the fake class is trying to
live up to it's title. we've finally gotten into the "web
page development" part. IT'S A JOKE. we're using
Frontpage, which is no challenge at all and doesn't even
offer *half* of the more complicated options dreamweaver
get this too- the "teacher" (she's a dumbshit ok?) offered
to let gothie give a small tutorial of dreamweaver to the
rest of the class. *that'd* go over well. she gets
frustrated enough with me - let alone 20 or so dumbasses
who don't know what the fuck they're doing.
i can't wait to see what happens there. (of course
gothie'll probably make me help her. wouldn't blame her.)

CISCO's pretty much the same. i started talking with the
other girl in my class (wally made us partners) and found
out she likes anime too. we spent all hour once talking
about different anime movies/series. i suggested cowboy

the english translations are *horrid*. running bull sounds
like a mental case, they made ed a butch, and JET IS NOT
THAT FUCKING OLD!!! i'm not racist, but it sounds like they
used a black guy for his voice too. *whimpers* it's not
right!! faye's the only voice they did decent on.

did i mention ralph had to have her hd formatted *again*?
and i lost *everything* because i was too stupid to back up
my files before trying to install XP?
i think i've finally gone insane because of that incident.
seriously. i made lego porn for christs sake! how much
wierder can you get? don't answer that. i don't need any
ideas. i REALLY don't.

well i'm off to play neopets now. or type up jade's more
recent story - whichever i fell like doing.

'mosquito sex'