Ode to a psycho!HA!
2001-11-11 16:23:49 (UTC)

Girls night........

A good friend of mine once said 'men are the spawn of satan,
give it up while you're ahead.' at this point in time i am in
total agreeance with this statement. If you haven't figured
out this journal is pretty much a place to vent my
frustration with all guys, and stress in life. Last night I
went over to my bestfriends house. Kristin's we were
celebrating a prolonged reunion with our other bestfriend
home from college Euboea. It was supposed to be a drunken
party between three good friends. little did I know that
Kristin and her brother Mikey would end up inviting Justin,
kristins current love interest, and Alex, a guy that we all
know. I was fine with that though, party games are always fun
with more people, and these are nice guys. So anyway we
played a few rounds of kings, and some poker, followed by
massaging and then wrestled eachother in a drunken rage, and
then ALex leaves, and we all start to lay down, like we're
going to sleep. I was on the floor, Justin was next to me,
and Kris was on the other side of him. Euboea threw a blanket
over us on the floor, and curled up on the couch. We put in
Son-in-law or some such movie, and they began watching it I
wasn't really paying that much attention, I was tired, and my
head hurt from running into several things earlier in the
night. So I'm laying there ignoring my friends pretending to
be asleep in hopes that I'll fall asleep, and Justin begins
messing with my hand, and like rubbing my arm, i suppose he
thought I was asleep, because I didn't really move except to
try to gently unnoticably move my hand away. So I roll onnto
my side, facing away from him, and he begins stroking my
back. I purposly began to shiver, and he stopped for the time
being. uncomfortable I move back onto my back, his hand
immediatly moves up my waist and onto my stomach. I
immediatly, but slowly move my opposite hand to below my
pelvis bone. I figured, he still thinks I'm asleep OH MY GOD,
there is no way in HELL I am doing this in my bestfriends
house! especially when he's 19, and she has a thing for him.
And of course I was right and he begins moving down, and of
course I stop him. This goes on for a while, and of course
everywhere he tried to go I stopped him. THIS IS WRONG FOR
THREE REASONS: 1. I have a boyfriend 2. he knows as well as I
do that Kris has a thing for him and 3. IM 16!!!!!! no thank
you............i hate men