Garden of Stones
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2001-11-11 16:21:31 (UTC)

Lonesomeness(is that a word?) has struck me like the plague

Hmm... Last night was so fuckin nuts for me. On Friday
Terri broke up with me, and her excuse was thatr she didnt
want me cause I was too unstable and she already had enough
problems and she didnt want mine. BAH! Well, I talked to
her best friend and mine, Crystal. We chatted for a while,
and since we had SO much in common, we decided to go out
with each other. She likes rock music and hates rap, so do
I. She loves weed, So do I. shes going to be 21 ON THE SAME
DAY I TURN 18. you see, we have the same birthday, which is
some strange shit. Well, yesterday I drank like four Bud
Lights before going to Crystals friends house, Fred. Fred
was a strange guy. He is in the army, and on his wall there
is a huge swastika(nazi) flag and a confederate flag also.
Well, I proceeded to drink a 40 oz then a 22 oz of
Budweiser. I then went to the ride home with Terri and
Crystal in the car. Well, I was drunk and confused, since
Terri was mad over the fact that I was with Crystal(perhaps
she still has feelings for me?). Well, I made out with
Terri, since she gets really slutty when she gets drunk,
then a little later I kissed Crystal. We dropped off Terri
at freds house then she started to take me home. Well, I
puked. It was fucking embarrassing. Crystal gave me a shirt
to wear, then I went home. I had to sneak in my room window
(mind you I had to climb up since my window is about 15
feet up). I was drunk. So I lied down for what seemed to be
seconds, but it was probably like ten minutes. I got up and
miraculously made it to my room. I quietly lied down on my
bed, head spinning, and drifted off to sleep.