Squeeb's world
2001-11-11 15:56:50 (UTC)

The kiss...

No, no, don't get super hyper excited. I was fantasizing
again and I keep coming back to one thing... having him kiss
me. Oh God. K, yes there's a little history behind this. You
know that movie "Never Been Kissed" with Drew Barrymore? Ok,
it's practically based on my life. And anyone who reads this
is sworn to secrecy cuz it's not something I'm particularly
proud of. I mean look how frickin old I am. I know, I know.
So it's happened once. Yes, once and ok so it wasn't exactly
the REAL thing but it meant a lot to me. Picture it, May
4th, 1996, Peterborough, game 6 of the OHL finals, Petes vs.
Guelph. Petes up 3 games to 2 but losing in the game. So I'm
sitting in the stands going, "If they win, I'll kiss him for
winning. If they lose, I'll kiss him for good luck for the
next game." So then after the game, leaning against the wall
outside the locker room, talking to him, I almost chickened
out. And I got told that we were leaving so I told him I had
something to tell him and he leaned down so he could hear
me- it was so loud. And I put my arms around his neck and
gave him a kiss, half on the lips, half on the cheek, lol
and told him it was for good luck. And we were both blushing
and I still get a smile on my face to this day thinking
about it. So imagine what it would feel like to get the real
thing from him. Oh man... Oh yeah and did I mention that
they won Game 7- guess the little extra bit of good luck
worked. Hee hee.
And last night I dreamed that I was talking to him on the
computer and there was something he really wanted to talk
about, it meant a lot to him but for the life of me, I can't
remember what it was. Damn, who knows. maybe I'll talk to
him today.

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