losing weight!
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2001-11-11 15:46:30 (UTC)

Slipped up!

I did really well yesterday, but then I completely fucked
up! I had a 400cal meal yesterday and nothing else. But
after we came out of the club everyone was buying chips.
And me, weak bitch, bought some. I had a concience when I
got home though and only had a few. But I heated the rest
up for my dinner. I had them with some of that fish
casserole stuff from yesterday and some crusty bread!


But saying that though, I've only had about 1000cals in the
last 24 hours.
* 400 dinner yesterday
* 300 chips
* 300 casserole/bread today.

Just gotta forget about it and carry on.
This is usually where I usually fuck it off and pig out.
When I lapse like I did with those chips, I have this
annoying habit of thinking:
"I've ate sommat I shouldn't have so I might as well have
all that chocolate aswell and go out in style!"
But not anymore.

Tomorrow's another day. If I don't pig out now, I'll not
put on any more weight!

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