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2001-11-11 15:04:39 (UTC)

Never again

Somehow, i manage to eliminate a restaurant from my
repertoire almost every time I go out to eat. Last night,
that restaurant was Roadhouse Grill.

After waiting 45 minutes to be seated, we were escorted to a
non-smoking table, when we had clearly requested smoking.
We asked to be moved, and they DID. Rather quickly, in

Our waitress was a tiny little thing who was on her 5th day
at Roadhouse. She was a little slow. She took a few
minutes, but we placed a drink and dinner order and then
settled back for the wait.

The table next to us sat down about 5 minutes after we did.
They then waited for guests. AND placed an appetizer order.
After their appetizers arrived, they placed their dinner
order. Then they receivd their salads.

Then we received ours.

Next, the table received their dinner and began to eat.

We got more peanuts.

The waitress kept telling us that our dinner was coming up,
and that they didn't know what the problem was.

As the table next to us finished thier dinner, ours arrived.
One steak was cold, and mine was warm, but overdone. The
manager arrived with the waitress...

..and did not apologize for our
over-an-hour-steaks-not-prepared-properly wait...

In fact, he took a tone and attitude that he didn't have
time to deal with us and our petty problems.

When he took my friend's steak back to have it re-heate d
and she complained, his response was,"Just taste it." He
then ran off and we did not see him again.

Never again. In the days of the tightening economy, with
restaurants becoming more and more of a luxury and less of a
necessity, one would hope that they would be doing more to
try to retain customers...

...especially when there are 3 more steak houses within 5
miles of their location.