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2001-11-11 12:15:14 (UTC)


these are just a few thoughts i miss the old days. when
things were safe. i want my girls to enjoy the simple
things in life. i want them to see the world the way i use
to see it. when you didn't need a playground to have fun
outside. when climbing trees, rolling down the hill, and
catching fire flys was fun. i miss going outside a night
and seeing the milkyway. i want my girls to see that. i
miss silence. i miss being alone with my thoughts.
i feel like i've lost myself somewhere. don't feel at
peace. i miss going to bed and hearing nothing but
crickets. i miss when i close my eyes and open them and
not noticing a difference unless the moon was full.
my days are no longer mine. although i wouldn't change
it i still miss it. i miss being alone with my camera. i
never want to answer the phone. i wish major could run free
without worring. i wish we didn't have cable. i rember
those days. i should end this but i want to write more.
i'm going to start a new though. well, i guess i'll save
it for another day.

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