Diary of a dope fiend.....
2001-11-11 12:04:22 (UTC)

Not a day goes by when i dont think about you....

I know i know i havent updated in a while... but lol i'm a
dumbass and kept typing in my aol password and not this one
thinking someone stole it *smacks herself* whew ok.... now
what has been going on.... oh i forgot....NOTHING. Sounds
xciting huh... yeah i know i have no life. I think i might
go and find me one sometime soon. Oh! i think i might have
already mentioned this but my best friend who moved to FL a
couple of years ago is comin up here to visit sometime
after thanxgiving...and may be moving back up here in
January Woohoo!! i cant wait to see her... i miss her. Ok
in other news my man isnt quite talkin to me at the moment
hes on now.... but still hasnt said a word to me. And im a
chicken shit and wont IM him cause im too skurred... hes
still alittle mad and i dont want him yellin at me or
somethin. Anyways he'll get over it in time like he said. I
was reading my Horoscope earlier here just read it

A long-awaited trip, which you wanted to take with a love
partner, may have to be postponed once more, especially if
you've been planning to go by air. One of you may be
feeling a little under the weather. This is going to be
very disappointing for both you and your beloved one, but
don't despair. You will take that trip eventually, and for
now, some time at home alone together might do your
relationship some good. The love between you is still
strong, and you have a lot to look forward to. A wedding
may be discussed, but definite plans won't be made at this
time. Still, discussions of moving into a new home together
could come up, as one or both of you may have just come
into some money. Neither of you quite knows how to handle
it, however. Don't bother right now. There's no rush. Enjoy
your week

thats like the 5th one that has mentioned moving in
together. hmmmm.... we've talked about it once or twice but
the subject gets changed. we've known each other for about
7 1/2 yrs now and been together for hmmm...lets see...4
months or so now. I dont even know if im ready to go that
far yet. seeing how i am an aries(and him too)we tend to
jump into things too quickly... i think i'll just wait a
while and see how things go...and bring up the subject
again a little later down the road.

ok..what else can i talk about...*lights a cancer stick* i
really do smoke too much.Im gonna try and cut it down some
and maybe eventually quit( haha riiiiiiight...said that
more than once before). I really need to go to sleep before
i have non for tomorrow when i wake up(or tonight rather
seeing how it is 7 am and i havent gone to bed yet...talk
about insomnia). Oh! i found the coolest thing to play with
if your bored online... its like paper dolls but online
they're so neato
just go there....i was addicted for like hours makin neato
dollies. oh man im such a nerd lol. Well i think its sleepy
time for this nerd. g'night