De-Tet-aCh Memoir
2001-11-11 12:00:58 (UTC)


Sunday 11/11/01

Woke up relatively late today...hadda late nite on the
net... well this is the beginning of the final week at
weir..people are progressively moving out...

hua gang and sahu are leavin tomoro.. sahu will be linkin
up with prem in singapore where she'll be shown
around..hehehe..hope she loves our food!

guo kai, hua gang and i decided to hang out and take some
photos today.. we left soon after lunch and took a few pics
around the campus.. we then proceeded downtown to queen's
wharf where we took sommore peaks..the water was amazingly
blue was perfect...the sky was pure blue
w/o any clouds and it was a comfortable 20 degree celsius..

we then decided to hit out to eastbourne, the suburb across
the inner bay of wellington. we took a 15mins ferry across
the water...view was beautiful..can see the water front of
wellington progressivley gettin smaller... while the
mountain ridges in front were awesome..

eastbourne is a lazy, laid back , beach front in hutt city..
the moment we landed... we saw heaps of people sunbathing
on the sand.. many maori pple were there too... the day's
juz perfect for sunbathing... we then went to the cafe
nearby and bought icecreams... it was a direct contrast to
when we had icecream in winter july.. the icecreams melted
so fast!!! it was a total mess...but they tasted great...

guo kai then bumped into some guys where he started to play
soccer wit them..pple are juz damm friendly here...while me
and hua gang walked on down the beach to the rocks...we
climbed the rocks and took some great pics there..hope they
turned out good...

we only had an hour to spend at eastbourne and it was a
great hour.. we hadta rush back to the jetty to stop the
boat as it was leavin w/o us..hehe

dinner was at wellington market where we ate singapore
food!!! woohoo.. delicious fried rice, fried guo tiao and
beehoon...was so damm hungry... we chit chatted as we
enjoyed the nice dinner..

more banter as we walked around town and headed back
home..never really got to know hua gang well since the
north island trip.. seesm he's a survivor in the world...he
was send to militray school in the USA at 14...then came to
new Zealand after 5 years... lotsa funny experiences here..
realy admire their independence at such a young age...of
course, monetary wise they'll still be sponsored by their
parents...but most of decisions will be made by them,,
which i respect a lot...

nite, we watached the matrix on tv... hehehhe...nice to
watch it again...and rememerbering how many movies mimicked
the action fact, the movies looked kindof old
already, i reemember how awestruck i was when i first
watched it a few years back...the sequel's comin out

tomoro will be a busy day of admin..hope all things go