hello kitty cat
2001-11-11 11:06:43 (UTC)

I should write about my day since I can't sleep..

So today I slept until like.1:30 cause I'M a dork. Yes.
Then I got ready..and Jason came to get me..surprise
surprise..I was gonna go to the mall and get a job at Gap
but for some reason I didn't. We went to Sam's..I walked
into the room and totally felt nasty vibes all over the
place..and I thought it's probably just in my head but it
wasn't. Well 'cept for Joselin and Sam. They were
was Aum but he was upset. I'm so glad Sam and Joselin are
together..they make each other so happy. It's good to know
that two of my good friends are happy...and with each other
at that! I still don't nkow if it's for real or not..but
really it's not my place make a judgment anyway. So it
doesn't matter. Aum was upset about Candice..that he
couldn't see her. I hope see doesn't hurt him. He is such a
good guy. He deserves someone who will treat him well.We
saw Josh's band...Sam had told me that the one kid was
better at guitar than Jason..LOL he must not know much
about guitars...he wasn't even better than Josh..I don't
know why Josh is even in the band..he has much more talent
than those kids. They have a gig in like 2 weeks or
something..there is no way they can perfect their music by
then..I tried to tell Josh but he just got pissy and took
it as an pisses me the fuck off thaT I have to
walk on eggshells around my own fucking friends..then he
acted like he was going to crucify mewhen I asked for my
guitar back cause I was leaving...I'm sorry Josh..I'm sorry
I piss you off...If he really gets mad at me that easily it
tells me that really..hedoesn't give a fuck. If we got into
a fight it woudl be me trying to make peace..not him cause
he doesn't give a shit if he talks to me again. So I'm not
dealing withpeople like that anymore. Next time he decides
to be shitty...I'm just going to let it be. Well then I was
really upset..about everything...mainly my Dad..I was a
wreck ...until I went and talked to him...I told him
everything that's going on with me..and now it's all
better. I hope it lasts, I hope I'm not forgotten again
tomorrow. Katy is in Dallas. I miss her. I'm a dork..but
really..I do miss her. Alex hasn't been around..I called
her today..cause I wanted to chill with her..but she didn't
answer. I thought we could work at the Gap together..they
were giving on the spot interviews and yesterday when Jason
and I were at the mall the gap guy pretty much said come in
tomorrow and I'll give you a job...but oh well. We would
have had fun working there. But then I would have had to
rely on people for a ride and that's bullshit. I hate being
like that. I was pissed at Dad today cause he lost
kitten..he was like "yeah I haven't seen kitten for a few
hours..I think she got out when I was walking out the
door..I was in and out a lot ...I didn't really pay
attention though...I'M not sure..too bad..go call her maybe
she'll come back" and it's like screw you! But she
eventually came back. That cat is the only other sane
person in this hosue! Yes that's right...and I'm not
insane..well maybeI'm a little insane..but at least kitten
isn't lol...ahhhh I'm a weirdo.