as the Oval turns
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2001-11-11 07:34:56 (UTC)

Pacey and me, or Pacey + me?

Well, the bad stuff continues...

Yesterday I lost the paperwork for hall council funding for
my program Thursday. Then last night I got into a huge
argument with Marie and she might not ever speak to me
again. Then today my front right tire blew out. Dayum.
But no matter what, God is sovereign, and the Lord is still
worthy to be praised.

Today was the OSU-Purdue game, and Pacey and I decided to
meet in front of my dorm so we wouldn't miss each other. So
I was in the restroom, and Pacey walked up the stairs and
saw me in the window washing my hands. He waved, as did I.
So I came out to meet him, and we walked to the stadium.
Come to find out, we were running late b/c it was a 12:10
game instead of a 12:30 like Pacey thought. So we got to
the stadium, and I wanted to take the elevator, but he
wanted to do stairs, so like a dummy I did, and almost died
b/c I'm asthmatic and I ran up the first five or six flights
(there's something like 8 or 10 flights total to walk up
just to get up to our deck...then there's the equivalent
of about two flights from there to our seats). I couldn't
even talk. So it was us, Bill, and HG. It was fun...I
think that if my father knew that I was the only girl & the
only black with 3 white men, he'd have a Jim Crow flashback
and get paranoid. But as far as I'm concerned, those are my
boys, especially Pacey. So the game was off the hook, we
won 35-9. Then after the game, Pacey wanted to talk this
"oh, let's take the elevator" crap. But like a poodle I was
like "okay." So we get in there, and I was in the back with
this older white woman, and she joked "oh, we're like in the
back of the bus." I wasn't feelin' that analogy, especially
being the only sista in the elevator w/all old white folks.
So I chatted up with Pacey. So after that we got off the
elevator, and then we walked back. I was talking to him
about talking to one of my friends back home about my
decision to go natural with my hair.

Sidebar...yesterday I was telling my friend that goes to
UofM about my decision to go natural, so she was like "oh,
so you're going to be one of 'those' people." So I asked
her, "who are 'those' people?" So she said "they're those
people that are in desperate need of a perm or at least a
press." So I said "so why should you have to perm or press
your hair?" So she was like "why not?" So I told her about
how unhealthy it is for you to perm or press your hair, so
she said that either way, if you don't take care of your
hair you're going to get some breakage. Which is true, but
like I told her, perming your hair strips your hair, making
it more fragile and more difficult to care for to begin
with. But then I said that to each her own.

So back to Pacey, I was telling him about that conversation,
so he asked me about what's the difference b/w when hair is
natural and when it's permed. So then I realized that he's
a white guy...oops. So I explained to him that when most
black hair, like my own, is straight, than that's a perm,
but if it's like in an afro, or locs, or like my hair is
right now, that's natural. But most black women perm their
hair. So that was interesting...I was surprised he had no
clue about stuff like that. Then he was telling me about
interviewing for the Air Force...he may join the service to
pay for med school. Whoa, Pacey a military man. I think
that it will do him good, but at the same time, he'll be a
soldier, and that means that he could be called to fight,
and that's dangerous. So I don't know. But it's his
choice, his life, not mine, so although I give my two cents,
that's all it's worth.

Later on today, I was talking to Jenna about my day, and it
led into a conversation where basically, she was challenging
my assertion that Pacey and I are just friends. I don't see
anything other than friends b/c we're not romantic together,
he has never said that he liked me like that, and he's never
asked me out. But Jenna mentioned that we see each other
all the time, we eat lunch together sometimes, we've been
over each other's places, not to mention the times he
answered my phone and the time he put his arm around my
waist during the OSU-Northwestern game, both without
expressed permission, I'm "submitting" to him by following
some decisions he makes concerning both of us (like the
elevator thing earlier) and that we know certain things
about each other that isn't common to know about
opposite-sex "just" friends. Okay, so she made a good case,
but I still stick by my story. She pictures in the distant
future Broke Pacey II...I dunno about that one. It's all up
to the Lord.

Well...I'm going to bed church tomorrow :)

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