Chick Vicious

Kid Vicious Chick
2001-11-11 07:01:39 (UTC)

Sweet Day

Did I ever tell you that I have the BEST possible boyfriend
in the whole world? Well if I didn't, I'm telling you now.
He rules. Me & Sim hung with him & Bart 2day & yesterday
and he is soooooo sweet. Oh and guess what! Damien said
they might not move for a while!!!!!! Our convosation went
like this when Sim went to find Bart & Zac at Target and
left me & Damien at the Amenites...

D. I'll have to put down my subject choices for next year
on Wednesday. (he's suspended till then)
L. Why? You're moving so whats the point?
D. I dunno.
L. Watta ya mean?
D. Mum's thinking about staying for a while.
L. Really. Cool
D. Yeah, hopefully.
L. Hopefully. You'll have to convince her to stay.
D. Yeah
L. That'll be a bit hard coz theres nothing to stay for in
D. Yes there is. Only one good reason to stay.
L. Whats that?
D. You're here.

The 'D' is Damien & the 'L' is me, if you hadn't noticed.
Ahhhhhhhhh.........he's so sweet. And he has the softest
lips. LOL, when I got with him the other day, his tongue
ring was going along the back of my teeth! Felt wicked
though. I got in a bit of trouble coz I was ment to be home
at 2:30 and didn't come home till 4:30. Friday night, Skye
& Simone stayed and we didn't come home till about 9:15pm
coz we went to see Damien & Bart. Mum doesn't know we did
coz we were ment to be home at like, 7:30, and we saw a
white car out the front of Simone's house as we were
walking home and freaked coz we thought it was mum & dad!!!
We ran the whole way home, and as I was climbing the school
fence, I cut my hand. It was dark, so we were lucky coz the
cops didn't go past as we were climbing onto private
property LOL. Sim was ment to get with Bart yesterday and
today, but it didn't happen. Oh well. Damien is the best

Check ya L8er & Peace out.