Incessant Ponderings
2001-11-11 06:39:20 (UTC)

A new Crush

So, it's been quite some time since I've had a crush, last
time was when I was a freshman in HS and the guy didn't
even really know I existed, I was just a classmate. Got
over that one real quick. Not that Brandon was a bad guy,
in fact, he's still a really nice, um, aquaintance.

But this new crush came upon me so suddenly, I didn't see
it coming yet my friend, Lena, since I was like 5
unconsciously saw it before she realized what it was.
Confused? Well let me explain it to you from the beginning.
The very beginning :)

So I'm going to school, boring as usually, I miss like two
days and there's this new guy in my english class, my
friend Erin explains he's the new exchange student from
Italy. She thinks it's cool cause she's italian. I ask her
what his name was, she just shrugs and that's the end of

Then, I keep seeing him, english, french, economics, he's
in every class. He doesn't talk. Which makes me think he's
like snobby or something. I keep imagining him
saying "Stupid Americans" in italian in his mind. And
that's just the first day.

So I'm talking to Lena on the phone one day and somehow the
exchange student pops up--still don't know his name. She
says he's in one of her classes, now my mind goes fuzzy
from this point on but I do remember her teasing me
mercilessly about "liking" him. Whatever. And then I say
something about him and we both laugh and that's it. No
more thinking about exchange student.

I keep stressing that I never thought about him because
it's true. He didn't register in my mind as something
really important I must think about. Friends, bills, and
work basically consumed my mind 24/7.

On with the story...

So I'm in French class, for some dumb reason the topic of
pets come up. The teacher asks en francais who has a pet.
People raise hands. She locks in on the exchange student
asking him what le nom de la chienne is...."Fergie." he says

My friend and I quietly burst out laughing, it seemed
really funny at the time ok

We're in the back getting books and she sit's next to me

"what kind of name is Fergie?"

I was thinking it was a cultural thing, Fergie's not funny
for a Duchess' name right? I don't say it, just to humor
her. The exchange student walks up to her,

"Hi Angelo."

So that's his name

So there's this field trip for my class to see a play.
We're taking public transportation. I needed to be at the
meeting area before we left at 7:45. My english teacher was
supposed to know who can leave but yet again her ass was
late and didn't pick up her mail. Arggh. So here I am at
7:47 putting my finishing touches on a quickwrite essay on
what kind of qualities are not good to be successful. Lazy
was one of them. One of HER examples...being late. Umm

So I'm running down the hall and nearly run into a little
freshman. The whole field trip group looks at me. What? So
I'm a little late. We're striking to the bus stop while I
explain to my teacher why I was late. Luckily she
understands. Having the same teacher for four years, you
have an understanding, she knows I don't pull that crap.
we're almost to the bus stop when someone matches my
stride. What the hell. I didn't really know anyone on the
trip, I just wanted a day away from school and an excuse
from work, I expected to be a little dork and hang with the to my surprise someone's next to me. Why?

"What did we do in class?" The voice asks a little brokenly

It's the Italian exchange student.

Be back later for more