Chapter One: The Evil Within
2001-11-11 06:33:47 (UTC)

Dresses, ohh how I loath them!

I hate dresses, they suck. Suck, Sucks, SUCKS! I can never
find dresses that i like, well not semi-formal ones, and
our school says that the only dress that is semi-formal is
a short dress, i dont like short dreses, i havent got the
legs for them, my legs get cold too fast, and i have to
cross them constantly, and i have to sit a certain way,
there are so many more restictions when you are in a short
dress, i hate them all, and the fact that i havent a short
semi-formal dress that would fit or look decent on me in a
one hundred mile radii.

grr, dresses suck, why were they even invented? I think
that it suck that guys dont have to look around so much,
its horrid. they have it so simple, they have everything
simple... its wrong i tell you, wrong!