Fragrant Whispers and Confusing Thoughts
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2001-03-23 02:09:04 (UTC)

Dear Katelyn, Hey! Sup? NMH. I..

Dear Katelyn,
Hey! Sup? NMH. I'm soo tired of everyone wanting
sumthing! It needs to stop! Everyone counting on me to be
there for them. To help them with their problems! I don't
mind it when Jackie or Mallory or Missy do but everyone
else, it's just WAY too much!!! I just about started crying
in Social Studies. I could feel the tears welling up in my
eyes blocking the classroom from view. Ashley, Sam B,
Brittany, Erica, Houa, Megan, Raechel,and Mallory were all
very nice about it. They all seemed to understand that
sumthing was wrong the minute i walked into class. But I
can see why. I mean Social Studies is my favorite class and
I wasn't exactly acting like my normal self. I
wasn't "bubbly" as Jessica says. I don't even know exactly
why I was acting that way! I wuz all happy at lunch and
trying to get Michaela to be happier and then just as we
got to the staircase to go to class there just seemed to be
a weight slammed into my face! It was the weirdest feeling!
I still like "Spike" even though time after time I try to
convince myself that I don't! I must just be STUPID! I KNOW
I'll never be with him yet continually my heart skips a
beat when ever I see him! WHY???!?!?!?!? This is so unfair!
Well, I bet you're tired of my complaining. I'll C-Ya lata!

~bRaSs MoNkEy

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