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2001-11-11 04:43:12 (UTC)

November 5, 7, 8

November 5
Alot of people do this journal thing and I am going to give
it a shot. Don't expect me to update everyday, because
somedays I will have nothing to say. Well, first I just
want to tell some people out there that they should stay
out of people's business, becuase what right do they have
in wanting to know private stuff about people.

Okay, I do not want to use this as a pick on other people
thing, so I am not going to. Maybe if I ever write alot
more then I will find another way to link it to this area.
If you really care to know what has been going on recently
here is a quick update. The football team here sucks, I
have a test tomorrow and Friday, things are going very well
for me and I can't wait until the weekend. Yeah, it's only
Monday, but I can still hope.

November 7
It is really early in the morning right now, actually it is
1:01 am. I just feel like discussing a little something
that has been on my mind recently. Every one knows about
how I feel about Chris and what good times we have spent
together recently. I just want to say that I am enjoying
what we do together, but I want to continue on to the next
step. He feels that we aren't ready for that, but I believe
that we are. It is very hard going though each day knowing
that when two people love each other they cannot get to the
goal that they want to achieve. I know that we both want
the same thing and we are working towards it, but why does
the good stuff always have to be beyond reach? It just
stinks sometimes that it is just too far away. At times
like these it is sometimes a little difficult to be happy,
only because what will make you happy isn't happening. I
don't know if that makes sense, but I know what I mean, so
that is the important part.

Well, I better be going to bed now. Eight am is going to
sneak up on me a little too soon. Good-night all. I'll
write more later today after I see what the day brings to me

Now that my fist class of the day is over I will write just
a little more about things. Class was boring like usual,
but I got a test in there Friday, so I'll be looking at
that stuff for the next couple of days. I didn't get to
sleep last night until about 0230, because I was finishing
up working on this website. I have things how I want it so
far, but more will be added soon. I should go and switch
some things around, but at this point I am too lazy. I hope
to get more done with this soon, but the studying should be
my first priority, not this. Well, I want to go take a warm
bath so that is what I am going to do now. I may write more
later, or I may not.

November 8
Well, it has been another fun filled Thursday. Too bad it
only consisted of classes and studying for a test I have
tomorrow. I did realize today that there are some people
out their who really care for me. I may post something in
the next couple of days to show people how I feel about
Chris. Things are better between us and now I know where I
stand with him, something I wasn't quite sure about before,
so I am happy that I now know.

Tonight I feel as if all I have done is study for my test
tomorrow, oh wait that is all that I have done. I was
thinking that this weekend I may decide to go out and go
shopping, but that is still up in the air. Tomorrow is a
special day and you all will just have to wait until
tomorrow to find out why and what is going to go on. I
think that this is enough for now because it is getting
late (11:45) and I am kinda tired of looking at the
computer screen. Good-night all and Sweet Dreams.

Okay, so I am adding more. It has been an interesting night
involving tow trucks. This is the first time I have seen a
car get towed from my apartment complex. The part that
sucks is my friend was the first to get her car towed. It
wouldn't have been so bad except the fee that they make you
pay. With the "after hours" fee it came to a total of . But
the other part that sucks is a SUV had only been parked for
about 2 minutes in the lot when Tech tow came though again.
Of course he had to deal with them too. The guy was on his
way downstairs when he realized that they had his truck. He
ran really fast to the enterance of the complex and cought
the truck. Of course there was about a 10 minute talk going
on between the owner and tech tow. I was waiting for the
guy to throw a puch or kick the truck, but none of that
happened. In the end I am sure the guy had to pay some
obsece amount of money, wich really sucks. So, tonight a
lesson was learned. If you visit where I live after 10
o'clock park on the street so you don't have to deal with
tech tow. One other comment, why do they take a picture of
the license plate??

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