Electric monkey
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2001-11-11 04:39:40 (UTC)

11-10-01 [want to cry]

why does my computer want to all of a sudden FREEZE, right
as i have a massive thing typed and written?! it happens
too often now a days. jesus. i had this BIG long entry
typed out.. and then out of no where i get the Blue Screen
of death. oh my gosh.. that sucked so much... i thought
maybe just this once i could revive my computer and save
all that i had typed. but no...... its all fucking gone.
and i dont feel like typing it again, cause it was about
how bad my day was and this just put it over the damn
top!!!!!!!!!!!! =|
ah. i should have known that would have happened. judging
from my bad day. i even copied it, for safe keeping in case
that happened. what i didnt take into acount was that after
you comp screws up it doesnt save the stuff on the
clipboard. it gets lost, and you cant paste. dang it.
summary of why this was a bad day: [which if the comp
woulnt have screwed up you could have had an explaination
for all these...]:
-not enough foil for my SG project
-the drama that has been going on latley fills my mind.
-new drama with family situations involving my grandma,
inturn making my dad upset the whole day.
-got irritated easily
-came home early from grahams house. and missed out....
and then my comp froze right after i had a paragraph for
each of those things, it was pretty long....
im going.