DeLuSiOnaL MoMeNtZ
2001-11-11 04:35:19 (UTC)

MuH bAbI

I have dreamt to find the one
Now i found him
How long can this last?
I know i fuck it up somehow
I always had
He loves the way i smile
Might be beacause they all for him
He loves everything bout me
I only smile
because i am thinken of him
He's my love
My dream boy has come true
My feelings tells about my past
but now forget the past
I found my love
My one and only
My feelings uncovers my love for him
I wont let him go
Not him
Because he's the one
The only one for me
I love him more than anyone or anything
From my deepest feelings
So true..
I wont let you go baby..
No matter how hard it gets
I'll stop you somehow
Because i cant live without you

I wrote dis so dunt take my shyt yo

I LoVe DrEw