Tainted Perception
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2001-11-11 04:02:30 (UTC)


I woke up to my father proclaiming happy aniversary to my
mom. 16 years as of today. That's a lotta years if you ask
me. I wonder what it would be like to be married to the
same person for 16 years. Hell... I wonder what'd it be
like to be commited period. I mean, I've read about
different circumstances in stories, but we never live
happily ever after, so all of that stuff is bologna. I'm
not pessimestic, I just don't have much real experience to
draw back on. Ok... I have no experience period.
I went bazaaring today with my mom and grandma, something
I've done since I could walk. Mom used to give me ten
dollars when I was small, and I'd do all my christmas
shopping at these little gatherings run by old ladies. I
always enjoyed getting things for less then a quarter. I
shop at salvation army and savers and get some pretty cool
things being the stingy person that I am. I got a tie the
other day that has a light baige plaid on it. It's real
soft. I liked to pet it.
I've been eating so much lately. I think my body is
prepairing for winter hibernation, starting to store food
so I can be lazy all winter. Maybe it will store in my
upper fat cavities...BOOBS cough. Or maybe not. It's been a
few years since I've seen any change. I'm doomed.

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