Jena's Rants
2001-11-11 03:58:54 (UTC)

That's about enough now, guys!

Okay, go ahead and be patriotic if you want to, but this
flag shit has gotten way outta hand. I mean, if you are
all about us kicking some Taliban ass, or was it Saddamm,
or perhaps the Israelian CIA, who cares - right?! I mean
as long as somebody is getting their ass kicked, and as long as Wal-
Mart doesn't sell out of those american flag pins they
couldn't give away a month and a half ago! I mean come the
fuck on already people! All of you rushing to the fucking
local "something-mart" are just like those fake
muthafucking tv families that always resolve their problems
in thirty minutes and find a way to make everyone happy.
Well, guess what!? That doesn't really happen, sorry to
burst your bubble. So go ahead sit in front of your idiot
box and watch your fucking CNN and Blue's Clues while you
chow down on you super sized cholesterol ladden happy meals
and cokes with your overweight kids who suck at sports and
school, and tell them lies about who actually committed
these terrorists acts, (when you know damn well that you
don't really know who the fuck did it, but goddamn it
you're a redneck and you want revenge), but make sure that
you tune into the neck MTv Music/Video/Movie/Porno awards
because that Britany Spears may be completely nude next

Fuck you! You all suck!