My diary (Ooh i'm so creative)
2001-11-11 02:51:08 (UTC)

Why do I keep going to parties?

I went to a party on the sucked...Mark and
Karen were there (Karen is my best friend) they're together
now...ooh it hurts so much to see him hold her the way he
used to hold me...I hope they make eachother
happy....actually no...what am I talking about...deep deep
inside I want it to fuck up so that Karen knows how much it
hurts when thins screw up...shes always the one finishing
her relationships...and its always for another guy
too...that pissess me off
The whole day before I went to the party was thinking about
what I can do to make him realise that he chose the wrong
person...that I'm the ne that really wants him and that I'm
the one that could make him happy...So i turned up I
joked...i was happy...I laughed...i looked pretty good
(hehehe I'm not concieted...someone from school told me I
looked pretty amazing) He felt pretty bad cause I was thee
but then he got over it....and I did too..I still want him
so bad but now I realise that I can't change the fact that
he likes Karen...I've accepted it...she ran off with sara
and left me with Mark...we just sa thee and looked at
eachother...I was going to tell him that I'm fine with
everything but then Jason turned up.
I've lost heaps of resect for Karen...I can see thatshes
going to break his heart..she always does...she was already
getting other guys numbrs !?! what is with that??? Mark i
such a great guy...he deserves someone so much better
well I'm gonna gt going - See ya - Love

"don't move so fast don't run cause you might find out,
find out I'm the one and I still feel lonesome" Unwritten
Law Lonesome