You don't want to read this
2001-11-11 02:45:11 (UTC)

!@#$%&*. . . .yeah, that's whats going on

So here's the thing:

People are dumb. I mean really dumb. They have some sort
of disfuncion in their brains that needs to be fixed. And
then, other people are really screwed up and need to
seriously seek some professional type help. And yet, they
come to me like I'm a professional that will fix their
problems for them. Or they come to me because I "know"
what they are going through. What-ever. Just because I
might be going through something similar, doesn't mean that
I know how to fix what's going on with them. If I knew all
that, why would I be going through it in the first place?
That makes no sense. I would not have the problem if I
knew how to fix it. So basically I've been giving crap
advice and those people will probably end up just as bad
off as I am right now. Oh man, I hope not. I hope I had
more wisdom for them then I did for myself. I'd hate to
hear about screwing someone up and then them having to go
through what I am. That would suck.

But the biggest issue of all is that fact that I think I've
been PLAYED all week by someone. I have been thinking
about the weeks events and all and there are things that
don't add up at all about it. I don't know, maybe I'm just
paranoid. I don't think I am though. Especially after I
talked to Candice tonight. I felt bad thinking what I was
thinking but now that I found someone else that agrees with
me, I feel more justified. If I find out that I have been
used all week to feed someone's need for attention, I'm
gonna be so pissed. Oh wait, pissed won't even cover it.
I will flip on her and won't be able to control myself. I
did not spend all my time and energy trying to help to just
be played and screwed over. AHHH. I really feel like I
won't be able to control myself. That is not ok. So help
me God. . .if I find out that she lied to me about
ANYTHING, I mean ANYTHING. . .oh, Jesus help her.

Alright, I feel better now that I have stated my
intentions. This thing is great for venting.

Question to pose: Why is it that 35yr old men who just got out of
prison and lesbians are attracted to me by the 100's but no normal
people are? JUST WONDERING?!?!?