like a kamikazie no fear of death
2001-11-11 02:33:26 (UTC)


Why must this happen to me
my heart is barred for eternity
It stays locked up inside my chest
Never meant to be the best
Now the sickness gets evenn worse
I truly feel like I am cursed
I'm left to perish never to be
with any one I love why me?
Why must love always bring me pain
this kind of torture will drive me insane
I lost yet another love today
once again to leave my heart at bay
she was a girl of true beauty
and I thought but was wroong that she was for me
I still feeling the stabbing pain in my heart
Well I guess it was doomed from the start
But why must this always happen too me
I guess my soul is made for tragity

well now I guess I feel a little better I just think my
relationships are all doomed I will never be able to love
anyone. My heart won't allow it. I love the people in my
relationships too much I guess. I still don't get how a
girl doesn't like unconditional love for her and only her
by the one who loves her. I ask myself this quuestion
because maybe if I find out I can truly become a worthy
boyfriend. I've written her poetry and poured my love into
her and she shuns me away like all the rest. I think it
would be simplerr to end my life than to deal with all
this pain. My close friends have told me not to get so
involved in a relationship. I believe that if you are
together why not spoil herr with the sweet words of poetry
and why not tell her you love her whenever you see her is
there truly such a thing as giving someone to much love
cause if there is I know I've done it many times. I really
do feel horrible because of the loss of a love and it has
pained me greatly yet I writew to releve my pain and
anguish. Well the end of this pain will have to wait
another day twinkie has my knife. Too bad maybe I can
poison myself with my chemistry set or maybe I could just
go play in front of a semi many ways to do it how shall I
choose while I think I gotta go so peace