Damsel in Distress

2001-11-11 01:40:01 (UTC)


i am not some cheap ass girl who has no respect for myself.
i do have standards, howeever; i do feel that emotion can
over power the standards in some cases. i dont have these
standards that are impossible, but i do have standards that
are genuine. i feel like i am the sort of girl that someone
can take home to their mother, yet i am that girl that
someone can get wild with. not a lot of people get to know
me, so many people make assumptions. as the holidays
approach, i guess i feel alone. i graduated high school a
year early, and now i have no friends at college. i have to
live with my parents until i transfer. my best friend is
dreaming of boston university, and we live in california.
anyways, deanna and i made a pact we will visit each other
once a year for a week until we die. she is my best friend,
and i respect her for everything she is. i wish some people
weren't so shallow. it just bugs me how shallow some people

christmas is just around the corner, and i have my new
christmas ornament for my collection. i get a christmas
ornament every year that has the year on it, and this year
i got a tigger ornament and he is decorating a winnie the
pooh snow man. hehe.
-damsel in distress