the ups and downs of my life
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2001-11-11 01:16:09 (UTC)

Another saturday w/ nuttin to do...

its saturday night and i am home doing nothing except
writing in this journal and talking on im to my aunt. this
is what i do every weekend and i hate it!!! my friends never
want to do anything out of school. they just stay home and
the ppl they do do stuff i aint that close w/ I aint asking
for much just to have someone come over for an hour or two
or go to the movies nothing to wild. but my friends r all
hermits. they get so excited when there show will be on that
night and wont go anywhere b/c its on i mean i like to watch
some shows but if someone ask me to do somethig(they never
do though) i would go and miss my show then say no just b/c
it was on. i mean my goodness how pathetic is that. i am
mad my mom was suppose to buy my my red semi permanent hair
colr but she forgot and i really wanted to color it this
weekend . and i guess i wont be this weekend. well i ma
suppose to be doing my english this weekend and my history
but i will do it tomorrow. I didnt wake up till 11 this
morning man i must have been really tired last night. u
know there was one cute guy i liked in my gym class and i
dont know what happened to him i dont even see him in my
school anymmore(weird) and there was this other guy that
wasnt too bad looking that i saw in the hall but he isnt in
my gym class anymore(i wonder y they left?) i guess i will
never know..... wel that is about it for tonite