It smells like poop over here
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2001-11-11 01:05:17 (UTC)

it's saturday

i didn't do much of anything to do, i went to wrestlin and
that was pretty much it. it takes like an hour to get
there, so that's a lot of my day. i learned a bunch of
stuff for chain wrestling. im hoping that when i finally
debut, me and rich can have a good chain/reversal/technical
match. that's a long way off though. i was feeling sick
over that andrea thing; i know, i said i was done bitching
about her, guess im not, sorry; but i felt a lot better
after i offered her a piece offering of sorts. i actually
feel content right now. it's saturday, and im just gonna
sit at home, write some emails, download some tunes, and
just hang out. ill catch yall later.


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