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2001-11-11 00:32:06 (UTC)

Trip to Rome

When you begin to see so much else of the world, it makes
you want to continue, never stopping, to see how much you
can see before you're gone. I went to Rome these past four
days, and it's sparked more interest, as well as the past
trips, to keep traveling after I get home. I'd love to just
quit school and do as those guys did, just work small part
time jobs to pay for my trips. And when I'm in that area,
just stay for a while working in a part-time job. It's hard
to explain, but after you see so many triumphic and
immensely beautiful scenes and people, it's difficult to
stop. I have never felt this overwhelmed with greatness.
And I've never felt as small and minor as I do now. And I
can't stop traveling. Money can't even be an issue. All I
have to do is find a small job wherever I go that will give
me just enough money to survive, eat, sleep, and buy the
neccessities. I'm afraid if I stop I might lose this
incredible feeling and decide to stay in a single moment.
And I can't stop, shouldn't stop.

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