me, myself and i
2001-11-11 00:30:34 (UTC)

Lost soul locked away

Here I am
Sitting in this forsaken cage
Another vanished soul
Waiting to be unconstrained
From this remorseless world
What does it matter
If I breathe the air
Or just disintegrate away
I watch threw the glass
Noticing my astray dreams
Ponder over where to go
Marveling about if I’m actually wanted
Or just a fastidious human
Getting stepped on by you
I swathe myself from life
Once being loquacious
Now being restrained
But my regulation is simple
It’s the pronouncement of love
Does it exist for my soul?
Why haven’t I been given the chance
To even be with another person
I often compare myself to dirt
Walking on me without consideration
Looked away where you don’t notice
Stepping on the heart of a lost soul
Locked within doors of a cage