Blooded Kez

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2001-11-11 00:20:00 (UTC)

Tired and bored (2)

Okie, part fuckin 2...... and yeah yeah i should cut down
on the bad lanuage....

So, im bored... yet full up and not pissed off.... altho my
back does hurt.

So... in the planning ive got another pic to do.....for the
luvly timothy.. *grin*... will be doin Jim from slipknot...
oh fuck thats gonna be fun....

I am lonely at the moment tho, which pisses me off.... not
in a long term thing, just at this moment in time...*sighs*

okie.... back now from bein on the fone, and what a fun
conversation that seriously it was.

I dont think ive got much to say, i could spill my guts and
tell who i fancy, who i dont, who i hate and who i want to
brutaly kill..... but they mite read this and then all
would be bad.

Well gotta scoot, want to do an email.....

(by the way, the person who i fancy should be readin this,
but then again a few of my friends nerrr)