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2001-11-10 23:53:06 (UTC)

An Empty Saturday

Today is Saturday, the day of the week where I almost
always go and see Chris for the day. But today, because he
has been so ill, I could not see him, so I have been sat
here all afternoon and evening talking to him online :) It
has basically been just a lazy day today.
This is only a short entry, as I can think of hardly
anything to write in here tonight. Plus I do not have much
time as it is almost midnight now. I promise that I shall
write more in my next entry though! How many times have I
said that? Hehe. Oh well.
I have just stepped out of the bath. Quite literally. And I
am sat my my heater, drying off a little and warming
myself. It has been so cold recently, that I have had to
wear out a fleece underneath my jacket, and more than one
pair of socks...but that is life. It has been absolutely
icy, and my bedroom is the most frozen room in the house.
In the summertime, let alone winter! I suppose I am okay
though when I am sleeping, as I sleep with three quilts in
the one duvet! :D
As I mentioned at the beginning, today I have just been
lazy to the highest extent. I was hoping to perhaps do
another sketch or write another poem to perhaps put up on
here, but I did not get round to doing it. Well, I have my
whole life :) I'm usually with Chris all day Saturday
anyway so I would rather talk to him if not able to see
him. Tomorrow we *might* be going to the cinema if he is
well enough. I just love him to death and miss him so much,
and I want to see him right now. Unfortunately, I cannot.
Due to particularly obvious reasons! Hehe.
Also today, I watched the film 'Bedazzled' starring Liz
Hurley, which I really enjoyed. It is a great film about a
woman who is the Devil :) My parents subscribed to it and I
watched it while Chris was having tea. Also, I have been
talking to more of my friends online. If I was to to The
Dani Clare Show, I would have so many things to put on
there. I'd never be stuck! Hehe. Then I decided to try and
find an access code for LiveJournal, as I particularly want
to try that out. A few of my friends have it and it looks
really pretty. I could not be happier with the layout of
this very diary, but I am rather intent on changing the
colours, and perhaps put pictures and pretty coloured text on here
every now and then. I am unable to do it on here, yet I could on
LiveJournal, but I need somebody to send me an access code
first. Oh well.
Well, today has been a very empty Saturday, in which I have acheived
nothing, and have seen no Chris. I said that this would be a short
entry, so now I shall go and get a drink, before going to
bed. :)

Love & Beauty,
Dani Clare