Blood and Chocolate
2001-11-10 23:19:30 (UTC)

All Serv. Lipstick !!!!!!

hey everyone
Sup ? Not much here! I am soooooooooo Tired !!! ahhh I have
no energy ! I was up super late then up early this morning
and did rake and run ! Fun stuff ! We had a blast ! Right
abi ??!! " I learned not to try and put too many leaves in
a bag " "I learned the man with the 'AllSERV' on his plate
doesn't really serve and he deserves lipstick all over ! "
LOL !!!! wow that was funny ! haha !! I am still picking
leaves out of my hair !!!! urg Matt !!! haha ! Matt like
coverd me with leaves !!!!! Like 4 times ! ahhhh ! haha ! I
came home and I took off my sweatshirt and like 20 leaves
fell out !!! LOL! that was such a blast ! ohhhhh I am
talking to my friend right now and her and her boyfriend
are taking some " time apart " a quote un quote "break"
his idea!!! oh hun I am so sorry ! but you know what you
guys will be back before you know it !!! well I am talking
to hui right now ! fun stuff , not really its so weird now!
I feel like I can't tell him anything , and that I can't
trust him now cause I can't tell if he is lying ! OMG my
brother told me about this party that went on last night
that he went to, haha ! Sounds like he had a blast! him and
steve and neal and bryon are going to neals house , I had
to loan my brother some money cause he was totally out of
cash and didn't want to go to the bank !!!!! haha! wow they
are going to call me later tonight and maybe come back to
my house if my parents are gone !!!Sylvia will not be home
either ! great home alone ! Maybe Nate can come over ! :)!
I gotta bounce!