Blood Stained Window on my mind
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2001-11-10 22:35:46 (UTC)

We'll fly high, never want to put my feet back down to the ground

Tonight is a definitive night... The crossroad, where will
i decide what will happen with my life... Will I live or
die? Will I be like anyone else or I will be ME? Will I
just live here, working and complain at 50 that i've never
done anything or my life? Or will I have accomplished all I
wanted to do, all that it was possible to do? Will I be
able to say that I even tried the impossible? Or that I
lived in fear of getting hurt... Tonight I will be fly...
But I don't know if I will ever come down... Maybe I will
fly, and fly, and never put my feet back down on the
ground... All my life is spinning in my memory... All my
fucking life... I'm thinking all i've been through in my
life... I think about all that I've had for all the shit i
went through.... I'm wondering it it's balanced... Should I
stay or should I go... Should I follow my earth and go,
live... maybe with someone... maybe yes... and how many
years will I have to wait? Where will I be? Will I just be
alive tommorow? I don't know.... I'm starting to get
excited... This might be the most intense and passionate
night of my life... What will I become... What I will be...
All transposed in front of my eyes... I felt really happy
today... I knew the meaning of that day, since I got out of


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